Greater crowds. Greater funds.

Let’s Make Giving Happen.

Mission Statement

We help you connect with your crowd to support your growth, goals and Make Giving Happen. It’s Easy!

Utilizing crowdfunding is a great opportunity to gain build capital from alternative revenue stream. There are several aspects to successful crowdfunding endeavor, which is why we are here to help you along the way.

We work with you to develop, design, and strategize with your organization so you can get the most of out of the platform. We ensure that your platform aligns with your vision and goals.

Here at make giving happen inc, we give you the tools for an easy success. With an unlimited access to our support portal and fundraising tips, Project Success Kit to get you started and more!

Who we are

Make Giving Happen is a hosted
crowdfunding platform designed for businesses, social causes,
arts and education. Our goal is to be the bridge between traditional fundraising and crowdfunding.

Our platform allows you to add manual donations, match donations, enable peer to peer fundraising, capital projects, event fundraising, crowdfunding and more; all tied into one platform.

Integrated with any payment gateways, CRM and marketing systems. Making it easy to increase donations and supporter names.

Like to learn more?

We love to meet people who are doing good work, so if you are raising money for a new project, your community, important research or just growing your business. We would love to work with you to see which features or platform makes sense to help you reach your goals. Lets connect!