Why you can’t miss out on #givingtuesday


Why you can’t afford to miss out on #givingtuesday…

You have heard of Black Friday, and Cyber Monday but what are you doing about Giving Tuesday?

Here is a little history about how #givingtuesday came to be a big deal..

#givingtuesday was founded by 92 street Y in partnership with United Nations Foundation. The goal was to encourage and celebrate giving.


By increasing the number of smaller acts of kindness to a particular cause(s). In the form of donations, time and/or resources.

It’s  also a  great way to increase visibility of a brand to the public. Its goal is to educate the public on why and how giving back matters. The international giving day is a method to increase conversations.

It’s not just about the donations…part of the goal is to increase your awareness and donor list. We’ve seen the momentum grow by the power of social media and using it to reach donors no matter where they are.

Roughly 40% of consumers seek purposeful brands according to GlobeScan. This is a day that gives you the ability to put your brand on a pedestal.

Some of you may not be sure how effective the international giving day actually is. Or concerned that your efforts will be buried over other organizations attempting to reach the same audiences. Other concerns are that the international giving day may take away from your capital campaign.

According to #givingtuesday, those concerns are not true..

In a recent blog, we spoke about how Giving Tuesday reached $168 million donations last year and expanded over 98 countries.

It’s not just large organizations taking advantage. In Canada four out of every five charities that take part are small charities. Why do they participate? Because their annual revenue is either $500,000 or less. Since Giving Tuesday is intertwined with social media there’s no barrier to participate.

No need to buy expensive ads to reach that larger audience…

All it takes is a little creativity on your social channels to engage with donors.

New donors, new donors.

So now I’ve told you a bit of the history and what the international giving day success has been.

The question I’m sure you are asking is, what’s in it for me?

One of the biggest attractions for using #givingtuesday is:

  • The number of new donors
  • Level of engagement you gain

All by participating in the international giving day.

Here are some interesting facts that I think you’ll like, according to #givingtuesday:

  • New donors acquired through #givingtuesday are more likely to donate again. In comparison to donors giving for the first time during other campaigns.
  • Donors are 60% more likely to give multiple times that one day. In comparison to donors who either give any other day or during a disaster relief.
  • Giving Tuesday generates more traffic than any other day.
  • 150% more likely to donate many times a day than during the end of year fundraising.
  • 60 to 150% more likely to give multiple times to the same organization on that single day.
  • It generate twice as many new donors than December 31.

In Summary…

Giving Tuesday is not a day that you can miss out on. Regardless if you are a charity, organization, business, nonprofit, association or institution. If you do not have a current model and/or platform for #givingtuesday. Or if you’re looking for something new, we have a solution for you for 2018.

Make Giving Happen is our donation and crowdfunding platform. Designed to help you meet your donation goals on Giving Tuesday ( as well as throughout the year).  We have the means and ability to create a donation portal personalized to your brand and goals. We can help you create a strategy that will generate more engagement, donation and new donors. By helping you create campaigns that are personalized with particular goal. Yet still give you the means to receive  undesignated funds for your organization.

Make Giving Happens platform gives you the ability to have a donor list to whom you can reach out again.

We want to help you put your brand on the pedestal.









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